Comminssion & Trading Hours

Comminssion & Trading Hours

Fee Structure

01. Trading commissions are incurred to facilitate margin trading.
Different commissions are applied based on the product types.

Crypto Currency 5d : 0.25% Trading commissions applied


Crypto Currency 7d : 0.3% Trading commissions applied


Token Trading : 0.3% Trading commissions applied

02. Spread

Spread is a separate cost from commission set by the market liquidity. It is the difference between bid and ask prices. For example, if the buy price (ask) is set at $20,000 and sell price (bid) set at $20,010 then the spread is $10.


Spread changes constantly depending on the market liquidity conditions and typically stays anywhere between $0 and $30.

03. Swap

Swap is the interest rates charged for holding Cryptocurrency positions overnight. Each swap rate is determined by the market conditions.
Currently, Wisebitcoin updates swap rates daily by 0.2% across the products.

Trading Hours

Set separately by each country.
Available for 24 hours and 7 days a week with 5 minute server maintenance on a daily basis.

Countries Daily Server Maintenance Schedule
UK 22:00 – 22:05
China 05:00 – 05:05
Japan 06:00 – 06:05
MENA 17:00 – 17:05

* When the US Daylight Saving Time is applied, countries without the DST will experience 1 hour difference from the schedule.

Trading hours vary by each product group.
Products Trading Hours
Crypto Currency 5d Monday 6:05 ~ Saturday 6:00
Crypto Currency 7d All Year Around
Token Trading All Year Around
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